Inger Marie Lid

Inger Marie Lid  is a professor at VID Specialized University, Centre of Diaconia and Professional Practice and Faculty of Health Studies. She is co-lead of the excellence in research project “The Citizens project – CitPro – Everyday citizenship for persons in vulnerable situations”.  Her role in the PARI project is to develop competence in participatory research approaches together with researchers in the different project teams.

Inger Marie Lid holds a PhD in contemporary theology, ethics, and disability studies. She has published in interdisciplinary disability studies, participatory research, universal design, and citizenship.  Lid is Chief Editor of Scandinavian Journal of Disability Research ( Lid has published monographs and has edited and co-edited several scientific books on religious citizenship, disability, dignity and participation, and on participatory research methods.


Representative publications:

Lid, I. M. (Forthcoming). Integrating participatory approaches in research: Power balances,         dilemmas and potentials (Submitted to Diaconia Journal of Christian social practice)

Lid, I. M. (2019). From institutionalisation to citizenship: Lessons learned from studying Diaconal practice in a Norwegian Context» Diaconia Vol 10 no 1 p. 51-66.

Lid, I. M. (2017). Challenges from the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with          Disabilities: Equal Access to Theology and Church Practice in The Church of Norway. Journal of Religion, Disability & Health.

Lid, I. M. (2016). Implementing universal design in a Norwegian context: Balancing core   values and practical priorities. Disability Studies Quarterly, 36(4).            doi:

Lid, I. M. (2016). Accessibility to cultural heritage: A multiscaled approach. In A. Arenghi, I.          Garolfo, & O. Sørmoen (Eds.), Accessibility as a key enabling knowledge for     enhancement of cultural heritage (pp. 77-89). Milano: Franco Angeli

.Lid, I. M., & Koren Solvang, P. (2015). (Dis)ability and the experience of accessibility in the          urban environment. Alter – European Journal of Disability Research,

Lid, I. M. (2015). Vulnerability and disability: a citizenship perspective. Disability & Society,          30(10), 1554-156