Annette Rose Leis-Peters

Annette Rose Leis-Peters is Professor of the Sociology of Religion and Diaconal Studies at VID Specialized University in Norway. She holds a doctoral degree and an associate professorship in Sociology of Religion from Uppsala University in Sweden. At VID she is academically responsible for the PhD programme in Diakonia, Values and Professional Practice. Her research interests lie in the intersection between religion, civil society, welfare and migration. Within this field she has been involved in several Nordic and European research projects and published various articles in peer-reviewed journals and books. Most recently, she has edited the volume Stuck in the Margins? Young people and faith-based organisations in South-African and Nordic localities (2022) together with Ignatius Swart, Auli Vähäkangas and Marlize Rabe. She is also editor-in-chief of the interdisciplinary journal Diaconia: Journal for the Study Christian Social Practice.