Researchers`s Night 2022


During the PARI project workshop at the ASTRA County Library, more than 40 participants were present, including 11 Roma children from Gușterita neighborhood in Sibiu. At the workshop, children’s stories written by Roma authors were read, stories in the Roma language were listened to and watched (with the help of the video projector), traditional Roma songs were sung to the accompaniment of a guitar, and the students of the “George Baritiu” Economic College from Sibiu also watched a short documentary film about the life of Ioana Rudăreasa – “10 years of struggle against slavery”. Visitors also learned the story of the international Roma flag and received bookmarks to color, flags or made puzzles with this symbol. The tables were full of Romani language textbooks, magazines about the life and culture of the Roma, prayer books, photo albums and much more, the general purpose being one of raising awareness about the Roma as an integrated part of society.

PARI is a research project of “Lucian Blaga” University in Sibiu and VID University in Norway, financed by the Norway Grants 2014-2021 program and administered by UEFISCDI through contract no. 38/2021.